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We are a revolutionary co-working space which is part of Sarona ventures capital, a European fund that invests in Israeli start ups. Sarona Ventures is a capital venture company run by some of the most renowned business men in Tech.


The Sarona Space is a unique concept. A “boutique” style co-working space in a high tech ecosystem. Within a great friendly and dynamic community.


In this space, you are given the opportunity to take full advantage of our large and international mentor network. We provide constant support to the startups during all stages of their evolution, dramatically reducing the risk of failure.


Sarona space is a coworking space Tel Aviv dedicated to high tech. We created a unique ecosystem where robotic meets virtual reality as well as new technologies.

We invite you to come experience our amazing coworking space and shared offices for yourselves to truly grasp what we are all about. Please book your appointment as soon as possible as our spots are limited.


Our mission is to offer the best locations and the most convenient working environment for our customers. Our criterias to choose our locations are:

1. Ease of access (train station, bus, car)

2. Nearby Facilities (Shop, restaurants)

3. Proximity to business centers

Our priority is to always offer the best working conditions possible. 

Sarona Space - HaArba's

Sarona Space - Hahashmonaim

Sarona Space - Kfar Saba

Sarona Space - Haifa

Sarona Space - HaArba's

Located in front of Sarona market, the heartbeat of Israeli culinary art. Sarona neighbour was planned to be a new central business district for the city of Tel Aviv. Sitting close to the main north-south road and rail arteries, easily accessible from all directions.

Sarona Space HaArba’a:18A HaArba’a street.

Sarona Space - HaHashmonaim

Located in front of The Fashion Mall of Tel Aviv, a very new shopping center branded as a luxurious fashion mall. Sarona Space Hahashmonaim is close to all of Tel Aviv’s cultural institutions and the heart of the city.

Sarona Space HaHashmonaim:103 HaHashmonaim street

Sarona Space - Kfar Saba

Located in the Brand new Green Kfar Saba Mall, at the intersection of Ra’anana and Kfar Saba. The new space is next door to the Israeli headquarters of Prodware Group making it the best coworking space for software startups building their company to scale!

3 Rapaport street, Kfar Saba

Sarona Space - Haifa

The new space added at HaNamal street 32, Haifa. In a Greek village style, with a breathtaking view of the port’s activities, in the heart of the new Downtown City and 5 mn from the train station.

HaNamal 32, Haifa, Israel


Sarona Space - Jerusalem - Ashdod

We will update more information about this space very soon. Please stay with us.


Sarona Space Haarba'a

  • Private office for 2,4,5,6, 7 and 9 people
  • Private Office: Starting at 1100 nis/per person
  • Extra: Events, Pitch Meet Up, meeting rooms

Sarona Space Haheshmonaim

  • Private Office: Starting at 1600 nis/per person
  • Shared Office: Starting at 1400 nis/per person
  • Extra: Events, Pitch Meet Up, meeting rooms

Sarona Space Kfar Saba

  • Private Office: Starting at 1500 nis/per person/per person
  • Shared Office: Starting at 1300 nis/per person
  • Extra: Events, Pitch Meet Up, meeting rooms

Sarona Space Haifa​

  • Private Office: Starting at 1300 nis/per person
  • Shared Office: Starting at 1100 nis/per person
  • Extra: Events, Pitch Meet Up, meeting rooms


Sarona Ventures is a European fund investing in early-stage B2B companies and focusing on providing their portfolio with strong post-investment international business development.



Hahashmonaim 103 Tel Aviv / HaAba’s 18A Tel Aviv /Rapaport 3 Kfar Saba/Kedochei Bagdad 39  Haifa