Looking For The Best Coworking Space In Tel Aviv, Israel?

Posted on December 14, 2017 at 02:37am

We’ve all been there, trying to find the perfect working spot in a cafe, bar or library. However, most of the times these spots are too loud (or even too quiet), making you feel awkward and not understood.


Inspired by these common issues of many mobile workers nowadays, we decided to make a leap forward and launch Sarona Space – the leading coworking space in Tel Aviv, Israel.


So, what makes Sarona Labs the greatest coworking spot in the city – making it worth visiting every day of the week?




#1 – We have a great location

Sarona Space is a coworking space located in the centre of Tel Aviv. Which means that it is easily accessible by all transportation lines – and perfectly close to all the buzzing restaurants and bars as well as city landmarks.


#2 – We have the best people

We are just like you – motivated, determined and always ready to show the world that the world has gone location-independent, and there is a big need for quiet and friendly coworking spaces like ours. Come and see why…


#3 – Our location is 100% soundproofed

Hate working in loud spaces? Bothered by the sound of people talking – or phones ringing?

Don’t worry…At Sarona Space, we have three different zones that are perfectly soundproofed and tailored to the needs of teams in need of a work-related conversation, independent workers in need of quiet and chatters in need of chatting.


#4 – Best for startups

If you are an aspiring startup from Tel Aviv, we openly welcome you to our coworking center – to explore and see the creativity our place can spark in you and your team. The reliable Wi-Fi network, Internet speed and great coffee are some of the biggest rewards!


#5 – Ideal for exchange of ideas

Like-minded entrepreneurs, startups and teams are hard to find. At Sarona Space, we pride ourselves on having a wide variety of location-independent workers that is always ready to exchange a few lines and help each other!


It’s time to close your laptop – zip it up in a bag – and come visit our coworking space in Tel Aviv!


You are all invited!

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